, for all its glory, is one of the least transparent companies in the market. Shareholders aren’t even entitled to know how much stuff it sells, namely they have no clue, from the company, as to how many Kindle eReaders and Kindle fires are sold. Sure enough, the company quite often repeats that these are the products that sell the most; that they are seeing growth; that - and this is said often - they like what they see. But no concrete numbers are put forward, and at times there are pretty obvious clues that the truth is very far from the optimism expressed by management. This is one of those times.

To put it short. The Kindle eReader has dropped out of bed. It has fallen beyond the wildest dreams of’s management. They never told it to the market, but this is reality. I have proof, and the proof is undeniable. The drop in Kindle eReader sales came with the introduction of the Kindle fire, and the cannibalization has been nothing short of stunning, massive.

Sales of both the e-ink Kindle and, after launch, the Fire seem to have collapsed by at least 75% in the first 3 months of the year. Maths! (via Daring Fireball)