The Nameless Horror

About Me

That's me, here

I'm John Rickards, as you might know from the much shorter sidebar version of this bio that appears all over the site, and which I'll now repeat. Sorry. I write crime books, offer for-hire editing services, work freelance as a trade journalist, and many more things besides.

I'm also Sean Cregan. I write near-futuristic post cyberpunk books, YA apocalypse fiction, and stories about Jesus punching people's teeth out and swearing a lot.

I'm a geeky, techie, occasionally photograph-y, gamery sort of guy. Professionally I believe I'm what's referred to as a 'hybrid author', in so much as my mother was a writer and my father was a lion, and some of my books are traditionally-published and some are self-published (and some have been both). I have children. And, much to my great distaste, cats.

'The Nameless Horror' is a nickname I was given by the Great Beard Stuart MacBride many years ago when we were both debutant authors. Now he sleeps on a big bag stuffed with money and book awards and I'm writing this on a site where I use that nickname because I've ended up scratching a living under too many identities to use anything else. Still, since his other nickname for me is 'Spanky', it could be worse.