The lights dim and the curtain falls.

I’d have given you anything, Alice, if you’d just asked me. You knew my share of the take was going to pay for my son’s treatment, some of it. Still you took everything and damn near killed me doing it. I buried Jack in his tiny coffin a week ago, and you should’ve hidden better. All’s turned to dust, and your blood’s all over the floor and I don’t have anyone left to love.

The barrel at my temple. Curve of the trigger on my finger.

The lights dim and the curtain falls.

Chuck Wendig runs a regular flash fiction challenge on his site. This week, 100 words only. “Oh ho ho,” I thought. “I can do 100 words even while Future Wife is killing my brain with television.” And so it proved, and this is mine.

I might, of course, be cheating. Chuck wanted a whole tale, and while I think there’s one here - the narrator and Alice were clearly thieves of some sort, as well as lovers, she double-crossed him and took a whole score, money that would’ve saved his son, and now he’s buried his kid he’s come and killed her before topping himself - but it’s mostly inferred. But hey, I’m cunning. Also, exactly 100 words. Skillz, people. Skillz.

Reposted because I initially did this as a link post, and Tumblr doesn’t let you change types. Moron, me.