A little over a month ago I released a little something called ALL YOU LEAVE BEHIND into the wild (not long after some lengthy wafflings on the realities of the ebook market). The aim with AYLB is to shift ~1,000 copies over an equally squiggly 3 years, and then I’ll be at minimum living wage standard on six novellas a year. Not impossible.

So, how did the first month go?

  • Sold via Amazon (UK and US): 10 copies.

  • Sold direct: 3 copies.

The extra % on direct sales makes our total around 14.5 sales on the Amazon scale.

As deeply unimpressive as this is, it’s about half what the ideal rate would be, so all things are relative (and one would expect something of a bounce in a month’s time when TRG comes out in paperback).

Of interest is that in the week or so after release I had a couple of interview/guest blog things elsewhere online (with Al and Elizabeth ‘APMonkey’ White and maybe another one or two), so even though I’ve not exactly been spamming Twitter, I wasn’t exactly hidden away.

Very interesting.

FWIW, expected next-novel work (ahead of the equally expected baby) means I’ve had to hold fire on the next novella for a tick, but it’ll still go on as planned as the decks clear a little.