Tomorrow us plucky Brits get to vote on changing our voting system. I won’t go into the basics here because everyone’s bored sick of them, but here’s my tuppence worth.

The ‘No’ arguments routinely shovelled through my letterbox (and yours) are either outright lies about cost, people getting more than one vote, or some unpopular bugger getting in anyway, or they’re meaningless (“only three countries use it for national elections”; so what? There’s only five countries that have a widespread understanding of the rules of cricket, but I doubt most ‘No’ campaigners would say that made it a stupid game), or insulting (“none of you oiks can possibly understand how to list people in order of preference”).

The ‘Yes’ arguments are less duplicitous, but don’t amount to a huge amount more than, “It’s slightly fairer than the current system” and “it should reduce tactical voting and vote wasting”. Which it will. A bit. In some places.

In short, I’d vote “yes” because the other guys are quite clearly, on this issue, the biggest cocks of the two. Vote for Lesser Cocks on AV. You know it makes sense.