The charming and sexy Sean the Bookonaut gives TRG a thumbs-up:

The darkness in this book is ever present and pressing, the cops are corrupt and the power brokers known as “The foundation” rule with an almost omnipresent iron will. It’s the Gotham of Dark Knight without the hope of a caped crusader swooping in to administer justice. It verges on a dystopia with scenes of the Port; a floating district, cobbled together from years of illegal boat arrivals juxtaposed with the very rich ensconced in their glass fortresses.

Cregan has a definite flair for noir, and I enjoyed his almost artistic approach to painting the the novel’s landscape. The action, when it started was quick and nasty, as suits the genre. It has echoes of 80’s cyberpunk, without the advances in technology but there’s a definite sense of despair, that things don’t get better, they just go on.

I may steal that last line for use in conversation to make myself sound more intelligent than I actually am.