So, I hear you ask, what was with all the suggesting that this year was going to be especially busy, busier as it went on, even? Surely Aidan’s off to school in September, and then you’ll have a bag more time to work?

Yes, and no. You see my girlfriend’s pregnant, due in September. Once more my offspring shall stalk the earth, etc.

(Obviously I’ve known for ages - the start of the very same week I found out Headline couldn’t offer on MURDER PARK, in fact. Quite an up and down few days that was. We’ve been keeping schtum until the first scan, just to make sure it has the right number of limbs, tentacles, a huge glowing eye in the centre of its forehead, etc., exactly as expected.)

I’m refusing to have anything at all to do with naming until scan 2, but she’s already nixed “Killfuck Soulshitter”.