The Nameless Horror

Some Notes: Murder Park

Murder Park is six weeks old, roughly a sixth of the way through its total serialisation run (so, y’know, early days and all that). Things known/discovered so far:

  • It’s very hard to estimate readership since following via RSS - in Reeder, Pocket or their ilk - is probably the best way for anyone to get it, and the way I’d imagine most reasonably techy types would choose to do so, and yet without using a Feedburner URL there’s no way to get stats.
  • That said, I would estimate that actual “I’m following this, it’s great” readership is in the few dozen range. Small, but we’ve a long way to go, and there’s no obvious (RSS factoring allowed) sign of any kind of horrible drop off to judge by reading time, new visitors vs. existing, etc. in Google Analytics. If it gets up to a few hundred by the end I’d be very happy indeed.
  • Twitter is a very poor driver for traffic. While I do - and will continue to - post a note when a new installment is up, overall referrals from addresses are unimpressive. This despite retweets from friends with x,000 followers. Maybe this would change if everyone made mention of it at once, but such an event seems unlikely. I’m not complaining; I’m aware from other people that Twitter is at best highly unreliable as a readership source for anything other than news.
  • Facebook is better, probably because my FB account I keep primarily for people I actually know.
  • I’ve added it to the collector at Tuesday Serial for a couple of weeks (I forgot last week, but hey) and I was surprised to see it generated zero referrals at all. I think I should find more of this sort of site to throw mention of it on, and make use of the actual hashtag announce system as well. See how that goes.
  • Editing as I go along takes a surprising amount of time - and there continue to be bits I miss - but worthwhile.
  • I remain very happy with it as a piece of work.
  • I remain very happy with the choice to initially distribute it like this.