The Nameless Horror

If Lamps’s goal had been given we’d have gone in 2-2 and the whole picture would’ve changed. We wouldn’t have been pushing for the equaliser and the breakaway goals wouldn’t have happened. Bollocks. Anyone who thinks that the Germans wouldn’t have continue to flit gaily through the English defence like Hansel and Gretel on a toddle through the Black Forest is in the land where Reason eats canteloupes and rides on the back a four-winged goose singing ‘Shaddap Ya Face’ (that’s the brandy kicking in).


I went for a (hot, tiring) walk in the woods with the gf instead of watching the game. Knowing England were going to put on yet another dreary showing and shuffle out of the competition like they’d been made to go there in the first place as a penance for stealing someone else’s sweeties. Robbo has it spot on, and this is the only bit of World Cuppery I’ll be mentioning.


aidan, eary

(Aidan has a new hooded top his mum got him. He has a hard time getting it over his ears.)