A year or so ago I delisted everything self-published I had on Amazon on the grounds that I didn’t like what they were doing to the publishing industry as a whole, the whole drive-price-down issue, etc. etc., in the interests of sticking primarily to the direct market on grounds of principle.

I still think all that, but with Submission Thing looking increasingly unlikely to find a home, I also have - to borrow a quote from Serenity - a powerful need to eat, and pragmatically I can’t afford to ignore the 95% of the market that Amazon represents if I’m going to be relying increasingly on self-published sales. (Assuming, that is, I manage to continue scraping a living as a writer in the first place.)

So stuff is up over there too, with just HBJC waiting in review still. If it shifts a little, we might, as the saying goes, be OK. (It’s also around on Kobo, and will eventually appear elsewhere via Smashwords when I summon up the enthusiasm to turn my perfectly good epub files into Word documents so they can be converted to epub files. I also need to update my own store versions with the new editions, and that too involves Work, but it’ll happen in the end.)