The time is upon us, the green moon of Galan is eclipsed*, and the first, brand spankingly new Cregan novella, ALL YOU LEAVE BEHIND, is out and available at Amazon (linkage below). Not only that, it’s also available, along with the rest, directly from me at the new store/bibliography page as a read-on-anything bundle for all devices short of an abacus.

So what’s the book? Let’s quote myself, because damn if I don’t just love the sound of my own voice.

All You Leave Behind Chase is a runner, a courier working the lawless housing project known as the Levels. Part smuggler, part delivery guy, he’s never failed to deliver a package in the five years he’s been working. Good thing too: he’s got a wife, two young kids, and his job is the closest you can get to regular, steady work in a place like this. It’s a lot to lose.

And that’s exactly what he risks when one of his packages starts to ring. Forced to open it or continue drawing attention to himself, he finds a cell phone, a gun, and the remains of a bomb inside. The stranger on the other end of the line tells him it was going to go off when he delivered it. He’d have been killed, his family left to fend for themselves, just to take out the recipient.

But now, the stranger says, he’s been saved, and he’s got a weapon, and he can set everything to rights. If he wants to.

Who’s the stranger? Who was willing to kill Chase and why? And how does he know any of what he’s been told is true? All questions Chase will need to answer, and fast, if he’s not to lose everything he holds dear.

ALL YOU LEAVE BEHIND is just over 20,000 words long and as well as one of my terribly classy afterword ramblings, also includes an exclusive rough cut three-chapter preview of MURDER PARK. Because I’m a cock-end, I’m planning on running three-chapter previews of MP in each novella as and when they’re completed, but with the next three chapters each time. Oh ho ho.

Edit to add: It’s also not a ‘series’ book, either. Come to that, THE LEVELS and THE RAZOR GATE don’t follow one another as such; they just happen to be set in the same city. There’s no need to have read any of them before reading any of the others. Ever.

You can buy ALL YOU LEAVE BEHIND direct from me as the aforementioned read-on-anything bundle of Kindle, ePub and PDF if you want to avoid the ‘Big A’ and its evils, or from Amazon UK/Amazon US if you want to go all corporate. Both cases, $2.99 or your local equivalent thereof. If you’ve read my witterings on the subject then you’ll know I hope it’s worth it, and dread that it’s not.

You can read the first quarter for free if you want a taste.

I’m aware that Kindle releases mean that the author in question may have a tendency to repeatedly spam their Twitter feed and every other goddamn place on an hourly or daily basis. I won’t be doing this. If anything that actually seems newsworthy - “Holy shit! 1,000 copies in the first hour??” - happens, well, that’s one thing. But you won’t, I promise, be seeing endless “Hey! Buy my book!” shit coming from me over the next couple of weeks. By all means RT this announcement, send all your friends here, do whatever, because you’re lovely and no doubt highly attractive people, but I’m not going to be filling the Twitternet with desperate pleas for attention.

Not book-related ones, anyway.

*Bonus points if you know the movie that quote comes from. Along with “RAMMING speed!”