I think we can all agree that a great idea for a magic trick would be where the magician pulls a pregnant woman on stage. His assistants help the pregnant woman onto a bed and then she gives birth. The doctor holds up the baby and everyone cheers. Then the baby starts aging super fast. He grows and grows until the audience realizes: IT’S THE MAGICIAN!
The room erupts in applause again even though the woman and her husband are a little like, “Jesus Christ! What about our actual baby!?” No problem! The magician gives the couple some t-shirts with his tour dates on the back. Unfortunately, he’s all out of the “Large” size so he’s forced to give them a size too big.
The couple begins walking back to their seats, but the magician calls out.
“Wait!” They turn around. Thank God! It must be about the baby’s wherabouts!
“I found another large t-shirt in this pile,” says the magician.
The crowd cheers again! Nice to see all the loose ends tied up.